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Like any Cardano pool, you can stake your ADA into PLUNG pool. Unlike most pools, we take a 100% fee (minus some service costs) and combine for each epoch. There is zero risk of losing any of your ada, as staking remains liquid and non-custodial. Each ADA is counted as one ticket into our system.


The goal of TAS landmarks as a whole is to bring the ecosystem together and reward those who participate. Those who participate in some form within the NFT or Defi ecosystem each epoch will get a small, 1% boost to their total tickets in each epoch. For now, that can be purchasing any NFT using a marketplace or swapping any tokens using a DEX. Tokens and NFTs do not have to be part of the TAS ecosystem in order to qualify for the rewards.


At the end of each epoch (5 days), we filter for eligible addresses and distribute rewards. 60% of rewards are airdropped to the winners. For each 500K ADA staked to the pool, there is one winner, with a maximum of 10 winners per pool. The rest of the rewards are used within the cabin/SOCIETY ecosystem and for operating expenses.