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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plunge?

Plunge is a unique take on stake pools on Cardano. We’re turning a stake pool into a liquid lossless lottery system where stakers who participate in the Cardano ecosystem have the chance to win a large share of the stake pool’s rewards each epoch. For the pool, instead the standard 0-5% commission, our pool takes the full 100% ADA commission, and distributes rewards amongst randomly chosen winners, cabin holders in the landmark district, and operating costs.

How to stake and who can stake?

Anyone can stake and be eligible to win the lottery. In order to stake, simply go to our website and click the Stake to Plunge Button. You can also find our stake pool on any directory using the ticker PLUNG.

What is the Plunge saturation point?

We’re capping our pool at around 60 million ada. If we pass that amount, we may open a second pool.

How many winners will there be in each epoch?

There can be up to 10 winners every epoch. For every 500,000 ADA staked there is one winner - above 5,000,000 ADA staked, there will only be 10 winners but the prizes will be bigger!

What are my chances of winning the lottery?

There are three factors that affect one chance of winning the lottery: amount of ADA delegated, stamp level for Plunge, and interaction within the NFT or Defi ecosystem in Cardano. For every 1 ADA you have 1 ticket and levelling up your stamp will boost the amount of tickets you enter with. Buying any NFT or Native Asset/Token (does not have to be within TAS ecosystem) will give you a 1% ticket boost.

How are rewards distributed?

To winners, rewards are automatically airdropped at the end of the epoch. You don’t have to do anything special, your reward just appear in your wallet if you win.

What benefits COTAS holders will get?

Stamps for the Plunge landmark will increase the chances of winning the lottery. A holder can level up the stamps after meeting certain requirements as you can see in the table below. Remember that you need to claim your stamps through the Citizens portal in order for them to take effect.

Passport Level
Boost on Entries
Level 0
0% boost
Level 1
2.5% boost
Stake for 2 epochs
Level 2
5.0% boost
Stake for 10 epochs
Level 3 or Gold
7.5% boost
Stake for 30 epochs