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The Sauna

A private node from The Ape Society

Turn up the heat on your transactions!

Purchasing a ticket at the sauna gives you access to an exclusive mempool, speeding the time between submitting a transaction, and it hitting the blockchain.

Stop missing out on presales, getting out sniped on NFT purchases, and be a step ahead of borrowers.

Get one of 250 premier seats, and get the royal treatment on each of your transactions. Only one wallet per seat.


The Sauna FAQ

What is the Sauna?

The Sauna is a private custom node service on the Cardano network, developed by The Ape Society. Transactions on Cardano are sent through a node and wait in what is called a mempool, where they are then processed one by one. Each wallet defaults to a shared mempool, which is used by all other users of that same wallet. In times of congestion, you have to wait in line behind everyone else in that node, which could be thousands of users. Sauna lets you skip the line, giving you VIP access to the blockchain.

Does Sauna make my transactions faster?

Yes and no. Sauna does make it so that your transaction will get to the chain quicker than others, but once it hits the chain, it processes at the same speed as other transactions. Think about it as having a fast pass at an amusement park to skip the line, but then you still have to ride the attraction at the same speed as others.

What wallets do you support?

Any wallet that allows for Custom Nodes. Currently, that includes Nami and Eternl.


How much does Sauna cost and what happens to the $SOCIETY after purchasing?

The minimum subscription for Sauna is 30 days at 1,000 $SOCIETY, with discounts of 7.5% and 15% available for 90 and 180-day subscriptions, respectively. These fees are allocated towards the burn address (25%), liquidity provision (50%), supporting Tasama City cabin holders (10%), and covering operational costs of the Sauna service (15%).

What happens if Sauna sells out?

Depending on demand, we may consider opening up more nodes, thus allowing for more spots. We are being conservative with the amount of people we allow to buy the node so that experience remains as smooth as possible. However, if someone's membership runs out without them renewing, their seat will open up for others.

Can I use Sauna on all my accounts?

The Sauna url will only work on the account address that you purchased it from. If you want to use it on multiple addresses, you'll have to purchase a seat for each address using that address itself.

Can I add more time to my subscription?

Yes, you can extend your subscription at any time for 30, 90, or 180 days.

Is there any risk to using the Sauna?

No, transactions are securely routed through our mempool to the chain. Your funds are completely safe.